Fortnite’s Best Skins of 2024

Welcome to a style showcase like no other! In 2024, Fortnite is bringing you the best skins that will revolutionize your gaming experience. Including, a sensational crossover event between Epic Games and Bungie brings together the unstoppable forces of Destiny 2 and Fortnite. Prepare to be amazed as these two iconic games collide, introducing a plethora of awe-inspiring crossover skins, gliders, pickaxes, and back blings.

A collection of fortnite characters showing off fortnite's best skins 2024

But that’s not all – Fortnite is taking it a step further by expanding its universe with a Destiny-inspired creative map. Get ready to explore the sweeping landscapes of Javelin-4 directly from Destiny 2. It’s an immersive experience that will transport you into a whole new realm of adventure.

Now, imagine decking out your Fortnite character with legendary Destiny 2-inspired armor ornaments. You’ll have the opportunity to choose from three epic Fortnite-inspired skins featuring Zavala, Exo Stranger, and Ikora. Not to be outdone, Destiny 2 will be adding three stunning armor ornaments inspired by Fortnite’s Drift, Oblivion, and Black Knight.

But wait, there’s even more! A collaboration of this magnitude means Destiny-inspired gliders, pickaxes, and back blings are making their way to Fortnite. Soar through the skies with gliders that pay tribute to the iconic sparrows of Destiny. Equip yourself with pickaxes and back blings that embody the spirit of the Destiny universe.

This isn’t the first time Destiny 2 has wowed its loyal fanbase with exciting crossovers. From Halo-like weapons to other spectacular surprises, Bungie has always delivered the unexpected. The Fortnite x Destiny 2 collaboration takes the gaming world to new heights.

To get your hands on these mind-blowing Fortnite skins, head over to the Fortnite Item Shop. Commander Zavala, Ikora Rey, and Exo Stranger await your arrival. Each skin comes complete with its own set of back bling, pickaxe, and glider – a truly immersive experience that will elevate your Fortnite journey.

If you’re wondering how to acquire Fortnite’s best skins in general, we’ve got you covered. From Battle Pass tiers and challenges to V-Bucks and item shop purchases, there are various methods to unlock your favorite skins. Don’t miss out on Twitch Prime and gaming partnerships, community giveaways, and limited-time events. And let’s not forget about the thrilling Fortnite Creative mode and Save the World mode, where exclusive skins can be yours.

So, gear up and get ready for Fortnite’s best skins of 2024, where style meets gaming in the most spectacular way. It’s time to embrace the future and show off your unique flair on the battlefield. Explore the universe of possibilities that await, and let your imagination run free!

Destiny 2 and Fortnite Crossover Skins

The highly anticipated crossover event between Destiny 2 and Fortnite brings exciting new opportunities for players to customize their characters in both games. As part of the collaboration, three Fortnite-inspired skins have been introduced in Destiny 2, while three Destiny-inspired armor ornaments are now available in Fortnite.

Fortnites destiny

In Fortnite, players can choose from three iconic characters from the Destiny universe: Zavala, Exo Stranger, or Ikora. These skins come with their own unique back bling, pickaxe, and glider, allowing players to truly embody their favorite characters from both games.

On the other hand, Destiny 2 players can now adorn their characters with armor ornaments inspired by popular Fortnite skins. The Drift, Oblivion, and Black Knight-inspired ornaments offer a stylish and exciting twist to the Destiny 2 customization options.

Whether you’re a Fortnite fan exploring the world of Destiny or a Destiny 2 player looking to spice up your character’s appearance, these crossover skins offer a perfect blend of two beloved gaming universes.

Exo StrangerOblivion
IkoraBlack Knight

The Fortnite Universe Expansion

In collaboration with Bungie, Epic Games is expanding the Fortnite universe by introducing a range of exciting new features inspired by Destiny. Players can now explore a Destiny-inspired creative map, soar through the skies with Destiny-inspired glider designs, and wield Destiny-inspired pickaxes and back blings. This expansion brings a fusion of two beloved gaming worlds, offering Fortnite players a unique and thrilling experience.

Destiny-Inspired Creative Map

Fortnite enthusiasts can now dive into a Destiny-inspired creative map that takes inspiration from the iconic Javelin-4 location in Destiny 2. This meticulously crafted map allows players to engage in intense battles within a Control game mode, taking the familiar elements from Destiny and seamlessly integrating them into the Fortnite landscape. Get ready to explore the Javelin-4-inspired map and unleash your creative prowess!

Destiny-Inspired Glider Designs

Soar through the skies with the new Destiny-inspired glider designs. These gliders draw inspiration from the Sparrows of Destiny, bringing their sleek and stylish aesthetic to the Fortnite world. Glide into the battlefield with elegance and make a bold statement with these eye-catching gliders.

Destiny-Inspired Pickaxes and Back Blings

No Fortnite outfit is complete without the perfect pickaxe and back bling. That’s why the Fortnite universe expansion introduces Destiny-inspired pickaxes and back blings to complement your look. Channel the power and style of Destiny as you venture into the Fortnite battlegrounds, equipped with these unique and visually stunning accessories.

Previous Crossovers in Destiny 2

Bungie has a history of incorporating exciting crossover content into Destiny 2. One prominent example is the special content drop in celebration of the game developer’s 30th anniversary. This crossover event brought Halo-like weapons into the world of Destiny 2, delighting fans with a nostalgic touch and expanding the game’s arsenal.

Crossover EventDescription
Halo-inspired WeaponsA special content drop introduced Halo-like weapons into Destiny 2. This crossover delighted fans with familiar and iconic firearms, adding an extra layer of excitement to their gameplay.
Shared Universe ArmorAnother crossover event introduced armor sets inspired by other popular franchises. Players could adorn their characters with attire reminiscent of beloved characters from different worlds, showcasing the interconnectedness of these universes.
Collaborative Multiplayer ModesDestiny 2 has also embraced collaborations by introducing collaborative multiplayer modes. These unique game modes allow players to team up with characters from different franchises, creating an immersive and exciting gaming experience.

These previous crossovers in Destiny 2 demonstrate Bungie’s commitment to keeping the game fresh and engaging for its players. The integration of elements from other beloved franchises enhances the gameplay experience and bridges the gap between different fanbases, creating a more vibrant and diverse gaming community.

Fortnite x Destiny 2 Crossover Skins on the Item Shop

The highly anticipated Fortnite x Destiny 2 crossover has finally arrived, introducing three new skins on the Fortnite Item Shop: Commander Zavala, Ikora Rey, and Exo Stranger. This exciting collaboration brings the iconic characters from Destiny 2 into the vibrant world of Fortnite, allowing players to embody their favorite heroes while battling it out in the popular battle royale game.

Each crossover skin comes with its own set of exclusive cosmetic items, including a unique back bling, pickaxe, and glider. Whether you’re a fan of Commander Zavala’s stoic leadership, Ikora Rey’s powerful intellect, or the enigmatic Exo Stranger, there’s a skin to suit every player’s style and preference.

Commander Zavala Skin:

  • Back Bling: Vanguard Shield
  • Pickaxe: Arc Striker
  • Glider: Zavala’s Vanguard Wings

Ikora Rey Skin:

  • Back Bling: Lightseeker’s Orb
  • Pickaxe: Void Scepter
  • Glider: Ikora’s Nova Glide

Exo Stranger Skin:

  • Back Bling: Mysterious Engram
  • Pickaxe: Frozen Timeblade
  • Glider: Exo Stranger’s Descent

These crossover skins are only available for a limited time on the Fortnite Item Shop, so make sure to grab them before they’re gone. Show off your love for both Fortnite and Destiny 2 with these epic crossover skins and take your gameplay to the next level.

How to Get Fortnite Skins: A Comprehensive Guide

Fortnite skins are a popular way to customize your in-game character and stand out on the battlefield. Whether you’re a casual player or a seasoned pro, acquiring new skins can add a fresh element of fun to your gameplay. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the various methods and strategies you can use to get your hands on Fortnite skins.

Earning Skins Through Battle Pass Tiers

One of the most common ways to obtain Fortnite skins is through the Battle Pass. The Battle Pass is a seasonal progression system that allows you to unlock a variety of rewards as you level up. By reaching specific tiers, you’ll unlock unique skins that can be equipped to showcase your progress and dedication.

Completing Challenges

Completing challenges is another great way to earn Fortnite skins. Challenges are tasks or objectives that you can undertake during gameplay. By successfully completing these challenges, you’ll earn Battle Pass experience points and unlock additional skins as rewards. Keep an eye out for weekly challenges and special event challenges to maximize your skin collection.

Taking Advantage of Free Events

Fortnite frequently hosts free events that offer limited-time skins as rewards. These events can range from in-game tournaments to community giveaways. By participating in these events, you can earn exclusive skins without spending any V-Bucks or real-world currency.

Utilizing Twitch Prime and Gaming Partnerships

If you’re a Twitch Prime member or have gaming partnerships with selected brands, you can often unlock free Fortnite skins as part of their promotions. By linking your Fortnite account with these platforms, you’ll gain access to exclusive cosmetic items, including skins, pickaxes, gliders, and more.

V-Bucks and Item Shop Purchases

If you’re looking for a wider variety of skins or want to support the game, you can use V-Bucks to purchase skins directly from the in-game item shop. V-Bucks are the in-game currency that can be purchased with real-world money. Keep an eye on the item shop, as it regularly refreshes with new skins for purchase.

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Acquiring Fortnite skins is an exciting and rewarding experience. Whether you choose to progress through Battle Pass tiers, complete challenges, participate in free events, utilize Twitch Prime and gaming partnerships, or purchase skins from the item shop using V-Bucks, there are plenty of options available to suit every player’s preferences. So go ahead, express your unique style and stand out on the battlefield with your favorite Fortnite skins.

The Best Customizable Battlepass Skins in Fortnite

When it comes to customizable battlepass skins in Fortnite, Redditors have been engaged in passionate discussions. These skins allow players to truly personalize their in-game looks and stand out on the battlefield. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular customizable battlepass skins.

Spectra Knight

Spectra Knight is widely praised for its stunning visual design and extensive customization options. This skin features multiple color styles, offering players the ability to mix and match different combinations to create a unique look. Whether you prefer vibrant hues or a more subdued palette, Spectra Knight has it all.


Maya, on the other hand, has received mixed reviews from the Fortnite community. While this skin offers some customization elements, players find it lacking in style variety. The options provided are often seen as generic and not as exciting as other battlepass skins.

Toona Fish

One of the more recent additions to the battlepass lineup, Toona Fish, has garnered praise for its charming and playful design. While this skin doesn’t offer as many customization options as others, players appreciate its overall aesthetic and the ability to choose different colors for specific parts of the outfit.


Unfortunately, Snap has faced criticism from some players due to its repetitive edit styles. While the initial concept of this skin was well-received, the lack of significant customization options has left some feeling disappointed. Players have expressed a desire for more variety and personalization opportunities with this skin.

Overall, customizable battlepass skins bring an exciting dimension to Fortnite, allowing players to express their individuality and creativity on the battlefield. Whether you prefer the vibrant versatility of Spectra Knight, the playful charm of Toona Fish, or the personalized options of other skins, these customizable battlepass options add a whole new level of customization to the game.

Tips to Acquire Fortnite Skins

Fortnite skins are highly sought after by players looking to customize their in-game characters. If you want to expand your skin collection, here are some tips to help you acquire Fortnite skins:

1. Progress through Battle Pass tiers:

One of the main ways to unlock new skins in Fortnite is by progressing through the Battle Pass tiers. As you earn XP and complete challenges, you’ll unlock exclusive skins and cosmetic items. Keep playing and leveling up to access a variety of unique skins.

2. Complete challenges:

Fortnite regularly introduces challenges that allow you to earn rewards, including skins. By completing these challenges, which can range from simple tasks to more difficult objectives, you’ll unlock new skins and cosmetic items. Keep an eye out for challenges and make sure to complete them to add to your collection.

3. Take advantage of free challenges and events:

In addition to the regular challenges, Fortnite often hosts free challenges and events. These special occasions give players the opportunity to earn exclusive skins and cosmetic items. Make sure to participate in these events and complete the associated challenges to get your hands on unique and limited-time skins.

4. Earn V-Bucks and make item shop purchases:

V-Bucks, the in-game currency of Fortnite, can be used to purchase skins from the item shop. You can earn V-Bucks by completing Battle Pass tiers, challenges, and participating in events. Once you have enough V-Bucks, browse the item shop for a wide selection of skins to choose from. Keep in mind that some skins may have limited availability, so act fast to grab your favorites.

5. Receive gifted skins and explore partnerships:

Keep an eye out for opportunities to receive gifted skins. Friends or other players may surprise you with skins as gifts, allowing you to expand your collection without spending any V-Bucks. Additionally, take advantage of partnerships with platforms like Twitch Prime and gaming companies for exclusive skins and cosmetic items. Stay updated with the latest collaborations and promotions to unlock unique skins.

6. Participate in Fortnite Creative, tournaments, and community giveaways:

Fortnite offers various avenues to acquire skins beyond the standard gameplay. Engage in the Fortnite Creative mode, participate in tournaments, and join community giveaways. These activities often provide the chance to win exclusive skins and cosmetic items. Stay active in the Fortnite community and explore these alternative methods to diversify your skin collection.

7. Keep an eye out for limited-time events:

Fortnite frequently hosts limited-time events that introduce special skins and cosmetic items. These events may celebrate holidays, collaborations, or in-game milestones. Make sure to stay updated with the latest news and events in Fortnite to participate and earn these unique skins before they’re gone.

8. Explore Save the World mode:

In addition to the Battle Royale mode, Fortnite also has a Save the World mode. By playing Save the World, you can earn rewards and special skins that are exclusive to this mode. If you’re looking for even more variety in your skin collection, give Save the World a try and complete missions to unlock these exclusive cosmetics.

By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to acquiring a diverse range of Fortnite skins. Whether it’s through Battle Pass progress, challenges, events, partnerships, or alternative methods, there are plenty of opportunities to customize your character and stand out on the battlefield.


How can I acquire Fortnite’s best skins?

There are several ways to acquire Fortnite skins. You can progress through Battle Pass tiers, complete challenges, participate in events, earn V-Bucks, make item shop purchases, receive gifted skins, take advantage of Twitch Prime and gaming partnerships, participate in Fortnite Creative and tournaments, join community giveaways, and participate in limited-time events and the Save the World mode.

What are the crossover skins in the Fortnite x Destiny 2 collaboration?

The Fortnite x Destiny 2 crossover introduces three skins on the Fortnite Item Shop: Commander Zavala, Ikora Rey, and Exo Stranger. Each skin comes with its own back bling, pickaxe, and glider.

Are there any previous crossovers in Destiny 2?

Yes, this collaboration is not the first time Bungie has incorporated crossover content into Destiny 2. The game developer celebrated its 30th anniversary with a special content drop that featured Halo-like weapons in Destiny 2.

How does the Fortnite universe expand with the collaboration between Bungie and Epic Games?

The collaboration between Bungie and Epic Games expands the Fortnite universe with a Destiny-inspired creative map, sparrow-inspired glider designs, Destiny-inspired pickaxes, and back blings. The creative map is inspired by Javelin-4 from Destiny 2 and features a Control game mode.

Which are the best customizable Battle Pass skins in Fortnite?

According to discussions on Reddit, Spectra Knight is praised for its multiple color styles and customization options. Maya is seen as generic and lacking in style customization. Toona Fish receives praise but has some limitations. Snap, on the other hand, is criticized for repetitive edit styles.

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